360TRUCK+ Scores Major Wins with PTG, Punthai Coffee, and Maxmart for Outsourced Delivery Management


360TRUCK+, a leading Thai logistics technology, service and platform company renowned for its innovative technology solutions, has secured significant contracts to manage outsourced delivery services for three major Thai corporations: PTG, the second-largest gas station chain in Thailand, Punthai Coffee, the nation’s fastest-growing coffee chain with ambitious expansion plans, and Maxmart, a leading retail giant. This landmark achievement signifies a major milestone for 360TRUCK+, solidifying their position as a key player in Thailand’s rapidly evolving logistics sector, particularly for large corporations seeking a reliable and tech-driven partner for their supply chain needs.

Extensive Network Meets Growing Demands of Large Corporations

360TRUCK+ boasts an impressive delivery network, covering over 3,000 locations across Thailand and Laos daily. This extensive reach caters perfectly to the complex logistics requirements of large corporations. Take Punthai Coffee for example, their aggressive expansion plans targeting over 1,000 new stores in 2024 alone necessitate a logistics partner that can keep pace with their rapid growth. 360TRUCK+ steps in to provide the scalability and flexibility needed to ensure timely and efficient deliveries across a growing network.

Technology Optimizes Delivery for Efficiency and Cost Savings

360TRUCK+ differentiates itself through its cutting-edge technology platform, a game-changer for large corporations seeking to optimize their supply chains. A major pain point in logistics – long wait times at distribution centers (DCs) – is tackled head-on by 360TRUCK+’s innovative solutions. Their platform demonstrably reduces waiting times, leading to significant cost savings. In fact, their technology is estimated to bring down delivery costs by more than 20%. This translates to substantial savings for procurement officers, logistics managers, and supply chain directors constantly seeking ways to streamline operations and improve their bottom line.

Transparency and Simplicity: A Breath of Fresh Air for Procurement and Supply Chain Management

360TRUCK+ goes beyond just efficiency. Their technology streamlines the entire delivery process, eliminating unclear practices and ensuring transparency for all stakeholders. This focus on simplicity and clear communication aligns perfectly with the needs of modern corporations seeking a reliable and trustworthy logistics partner. Procurement officers, logistics managers, and supply chain directors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have a transparent view of their deliveries, fostering trust and stronger partnerships.

Ambitious Growth Plans: Partnering for Success Across Industries

360TRUCK+ isn’t resting on its laurels. With these new contracts solidifying their capabilities, they set their sights on further expansion. Their goal is to become the go-to solution for distribution centers and manufacturers across Thailand, aiming to manage a staggering 1 million shipments by 2028. This ambitious growth plan positions them as a key contender for transport management, logistics management, and Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) provider bids across various industries.

360TRUCK+: Your Ideal Partner for Streamlined Supply Chains

Companies seeking to optimize their delivery processes, unlock significant cost savings, and achieve greater transparency throughout their supply chains can confidently partner with 360TRUCK+. Their proven track record with major corporations like PTG, Punthai Coffee, and Maxmart showcases their expertise in handling complex logistics demands. Procurement officers, logistics managers, and supply chain directors can learn more about 360TRUCK+’s services and contact them directly by visiting their website 360TRUCK+

This strategic move by 360TRUCK+ positions them as a major force in Thailand’s logistics landscape. With their commitment to technology, efficiency, transparency, and a dedication to partnering for success across industries, 360TRUCK+ is poised to empower businesses of all sizes to achieve their logistical goals and unlock a new era of supply chain optimization.